Wedding Food Enhancements Worth Considering

Now that wedding events have changed a bit and more couples are tying the knot with smaller crowds and attendees than recent past events, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the amazing experience had on your big day. One area where couples are kicking things up to make their day extra special is with food enhancements.

Large wedding events typically would come with a set menu of options decided with the venue and chef in advance. Now with more room in the budget and a focus on even more experiences to be had at these events, upgraded food options have also taken center focus.

Here are a few food enhancements to consider for your wedding.

Personalized Cocktail Hour

With social distancing rules still in effect, reimagining cocktail hour is one thing you’ll need to think about. Don’t make that a reason to worry about mingling and enjoying hors d’oeuvres though. Instead of buffet stations, consider having pre-plated options served to each table in a fun way – like Bento boxes or another fun presentation. You can also serve your guests right at their table with butler-style service for drinks. They’ll feel incredibly important and get a chance to sit and actually relax while enjoying your event.

Fun Dessert Table Alternatives

If you had originally planned to have a dessert table filled with goodies for people to grab from, you can still have a really sweet spread while keeping the area clean and sanitary. Consider packing up take-along sweets bags as party favors. You could lay out desserts like cookies and cupcakes that are individually wrapped and protected by the bakery or still have the candy bar buffet you planned, but just keep the candy wrapped instead. You may want to change things up and offer special made-to-order dessert menu options served by the wait staff directly to each guest.

Upgrade to Top Shelf Liquors

If there’s one thing every wedding guest is sure to indulge in, it’s the delicious professionally mixed drinks. Whether to make a toast to the newlyweds or to unwind with the adult beverages being served – it’s undoubtedly a highlight of the event. Kick things up a notch for your guests and upgrade to top shelf liquors, serving them the best of the best as gratitude for being there on your special day.

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