Wedding Day Groom Pampering Done Right

When it comes to weddings, we tend to give all our attention to the bride. After all, she is the one who traditionally walks out to a special song as the room stands to their feet and stares in awe. The groom… well, he just waits at the altar. But this is just as much a big day for him and it should be treated as such.

If you want to plan a wedding that includes much deserved pampering for the groom on his big day, you can’t forget to add in some necessary preparations in advance.

Brides and her maids typically gather early on the day of the event at a salon or bridal suite to get their hair and makeup done to picture-perfect excellence. Men, they’ll go to the barbershop the day before and maybe put their tux on at home or the hotel an hour before they need to be at the venue.

That’s not enjoying the experience.

The Society Room of Hartford offers a Groom’s Package that ensures he is treated like royalty throughout his big day too.

As the premier, luxurious venue in Connecticut’s most iconic and historic cities, we know a thing or two about offering high-class services.

We teamed up with some Pratt Street businesses to offer an experience for the groom and his special guys that rivals even the bridal parties day.

Close to the venue location, and an extension of the world-class service you’ll receive as our guest, this package is everything you need to do pampering right.

Booked three weeks prior to the wedding, these special packages offer an appointment at a barbershop for a wedding day trim and shave and gift certificates to enjoy other local amenities. Have a drink to calm your nerves or head to the tobacco shop for some after ceremony cigars.

The days of the groom just showing up to say, “I do,” are over. It’s time to experience full bliss on your wedding day. Book a Groom Package for true VIP status on your wedding day.

** All pricing is subject to 22% service fee & CT sales tax. See our details for our Grooms Package below or contact us to learn more!  

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