Wedding Cake Inspiration and Other Lavish Dessert Ideas

If you’ve made it to the cake planning phase in your wedding event adventure, congratulations! You’re likely close to the final details and ready to have your big day – just as you always dreamed. While it is one of the last details and the part of the day’s happenings that typically occurs last, this doesn’t mean you should rush through the details.

Your dessert spread, the cake you choose – from flavor to styling will become a central part of your events photography and more important than you may realize. You want to first decide on the type of cake you’d like and then discuss the details with your baker as far as flavors and icing go.

Here are some of the key considerations to think about when choosing your wedding cake.

Naked Cakes & Toppers

Naked cakes have exploded in popularity. The trendy look, as its name describes, features a cake that only has a very small amount of frosting layered on it with most of the actual cake exposed. The method gives a rustic feel and is especially beautiful with floral pairings.

If you like to stick more to tradition, you might be thinking about a cake topper. Something traditional represents the bride and groom or a play on a hobby or other characteristic you’re well known for. It’s your chance to get creative. Today’s couples have custom toppers that are made to resemble them. We’ve seen funny toppers like a bride dragging a groom to personalize their dessert.

Traditional Icing vs. Fondant

After you’ve decided on the decoration for the cake, you’ll need to consider the type of frosting. Traditional buttercreams and whipped toppings will require temperature conditions if you plan to set them out for a few hours while the event is happening. There is also the fondant covering that can be used for the cake. This is a pliable icing that is covered over the cake and used by artistic bakers to create modern designs and embellishments on the cake.

Other Dessert Alternatives

If you really don’t like to stick with traditional wedding details and want to do something unique and different for your event, consider different dessert alternatives as well. An ice cream truck for example, candy buffet, cupcake spread or even special made pastries and desserts customized to your weddings theme. The possibilities are endless.


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