Video Streaming Allows Distant Relatives to Attend Weddings

If we could, we would have everyone we know and love attend our weddings. 6th cousins, old colleagues, even some of our old teachers–but alas, there are so many logistics to think about. Cost limitations, venue size, folks can’t make it, and some just live too far away. What if there was a solution? Well, live streaming technology, there is! Zoom is perhaps the most popular, but others include FaceTime, Skype, Google’s new Meet and even live-streaming with GoPro! These applications essentially allow you to connect with people from anywhere–all they need is a Smartphone or GoPro camera, internet connection and the app.

Now you might be thinking: why would I even do this? Anyone who really wants to come to my wedding will make that happen!  Well, here’s a couple scenarios where live streaming your wedding solves a lot of issues that prevent important guests from attending.

Social Distancing

At the time of this writing, most of the country is on a virtual lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re in a hurry to get married, then the least you can do is let your friends and family watch from the safety of their homes.

Elderly or Sick

The fact that your great grandma is confined to her bed shouldn’t stop her from wanting to see you get married. Why “be there in spirit” when they can actually see your face?

Work Obligations

If your cousin just started a new job, they may not be able to take that Friday off to fly in for your wedding. If they’re traveling, at least they can watch your wedding from their hotel room.

Can’t Afford the Trip

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been unemployed for a while or simply can’t afford the cost of travel–not having the means to make it to your wedding shouldn’t exclude them from seeing it, should it? Even though the concept of live video streaming is relatively new to the wedding industry, the covid-19 pandemic has certainly given rise to its popularity.

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