Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Getting married in the winter can give you and your guests an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the season. Hosting a unique wedding venue in the winter requires a lot of planning and flexibility. Here are some tips to make your celebration a success.

Choose a Date Carefully

You may love the idea of getting married around the holidays, but keep in mind that those are prime times for travel and that some of your guests may make plans far in advance. If you want to have your wedding during the holiday season, select a date and give your guests as much notice as possible so they will have plenty of time to arrange their travel and lodging. 

Understand that some family members and friends may already have plans or may have annual celebrations that they feel obligated to attend. If your wedding conflicts with those plans, important people that you want at your nuptials may be unable to attend.

Create Backup Plans

In the winter, bad weather, travel delays, and other issues can cause the best-laid plans to go awry. Figure out what to do if you, close relatives, members of the wedding party, or the officiant can’t get to the venue on time or if bad weather impacts the venue. Having backup plans can help everyone stay calm and make the wedding a success, even if it doesn’t turn out quite the way you envisioned it. 

Choose Decorations and Food That Embrace the Winter Season

When selecting centerpieces and other decorations for the venue, keep the season in mind. Choose plants that people associate with winter. If you will be getting married around the holidays, select some decorations that reflect the holiday season. In the menu, incorporate seasonal vegetables, soup, and desserts and beverages that are popular in the winter.

Keep Your Guests Warm

Make your guests’ comfort paramount. If any part of the wedding will be held outdoors, be sure to have plenty of heaters. Even if the wedding and reception will be held inside, guests will have to walk outside in the cold to enter the venue. Greeting them with warm beverages can create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. 

Don’t Take Too Many Outdoor Photos

It’s natural to want some photos showcasing the beautiful winter scenery but keep the amount of time you spend outside reasonable. You and members of the wedding party need to be comfortable so you can look good in pictures and enjoy the celebration.

Reserve a Beautiful Venue for Your Winter Wedding

The Society Room of Hartford is an elegant venue choice for a winter wedding in Connecticut. Our venue also includes hotels, restaurants, cocktail lounges and shops all within walking distance. We can work with you to select cuisine and decorations that will make your winter wedding memorable. If you’re thinking about getting married in the winter, contact us today to learn more or to make your reservations. 

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