Tips for a Memorable Wedding Processional

As the first official act of your wedding day, a wedding processional should be a memorable experience for you and those attending your big day. It’s a moment to mark as special, celebrating family and friends, tradition (established or your new traditions!), and your new commitment as a couple.

At its most basic, your wedding processional is the formal entrance of the wedding party that leads to a walk down the aisle by one or both members of the engaged couple. How it unfolds is up to you: you set the tone, the theme, the music, the environs, the decorations, and the mood.  

Choose Your Music

The music sets the mood for your processional, so look for something that matches your personality as well as your pace. More traditional couples often choose something elegant and stately, like Pachelbel’s Canon in D: it provides a steady, constant rhythm that is ideally suited for a formal walk. If you’d like something lively and grand as well as traditional, consider George Frideric Handel’s “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba,” which invokes the grandeur of formal court celebrations. For very traditional choices, there is always Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus (“Here Comes the Bride”), which is familiar to nearly everyone. 

If classical music isn’t your vibe, feel free to experiment with more modern music that works for you. John Legend’s “All of Me” provides a contemporary, romantic flair, and Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” provides a deeply romantic backdrop. If live music is more suited to your identity, consider hiring musicians to play classical or folk covers of your favorite songs. (Vitamin String Quartet’s classical covers of modern songs, popularized in the television series “Bridgerton,” are a great option.)

Be Sure Both Partners Get Their Moment

While wedding professionals have traditionally been about the bride, more modern weddings are giving grooms their moment to shine, as well. There’s no rule saying the groom can’t make his own grand entrance if he so wishes, so experiment with turning tradition on its ear. 

Choose an Intimate Seating Arrangement

Wedding attendees love processionals: it’s a way to see authentic emotional moments of the beginning of the couple’s life, such as the cute flower girl and ring-bearer, the pride on the faces of parents, and the engaged couple’s first look at each other on the big day. Be sure you’re arranging seating in a way that gives everyone a great view of the proceedings. Rather than traditional rows of chairs, consider arranging seats in a horseshoe pattern to make the moment more inclusive for everyone. 

Choose a Great Venue with a Stunning Backdrop

If you’re seeking an elegant and traditional venue in Connecticut or Southern New England, The Society Room of Hartford combines classic style and historic beauty with award-winning gourmet food and service to make your wedding unforgettable and your wedding processional memorable. 

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