Society Room of Hartford Building to Celebrate Quasquicentennial

Celebrating big milestones is important. It’s something we here at Riverhouse Hospitality hold dear to our hearts. This post is an especially important one for The Society Room of Hartford as we enter into a significant milestone in 2019: celebrating the 125 year anniversary of our building.

On its Quasquicentennial celebration, the location continues to tout a rich history that can be found in both its architecture and design – which is not only captivating, but that transforms you back in time when you walk through its doors.

A Look at Our History

The historic building located at 31 Pratt Street in Hartford, Connecticut was the original location of the Society for Savings Bank. This was the state’s first bank established over 200 years ago and after moving to different locations, finally found its first home in a one-story brick building at this location in 1919.

After being rebuilt a few times and undergoing renovations by various architects, the building finally settled into its Renaissance Revival style in 1926, which is still in place today.

The Society Room Today

Today, The Society Room of Hartford is used exclusively as a Riverhouse Hospitality venue for hosting glamorous weddings, galas, and special events.

Event attendees who visit the location are left in awe at the ornate plasterwork and ceiling murals reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era’s intricate and elaborate style. It’s truly a site to be seen.

The buildings most noted features, a large ornate bank vault, and two massive hand-carved oak doors are also still in use today and part of the great attraction.

As an event venue, The Society Room is located in the historic downtown area of Hartford, Connecticut – one of New England’s most iconic cities and a street that’s known both for its unique character, rich history, and its convenient access.

Events hosted at Society Room of Hartford are elaborate, lavish and exquisite. Combined with world-class service and delectable cuisine, the historic bank location creates an unforgettable setting for special occasions.

Interested in an event at Society Room of Hartford? Get in touch today!

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