Safety First: Society Room of Hartford Receives Life-Saving AED

Riverhouse partner Trevor Furrer accepts the AED from Lauren A. Rossi, Secretary/Treasurer of the MVS Dragonheart Foundation.

The Society Room of Hartford has joined its sister venue, The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station, as a proud recipient of a new AED unit from the Michael Vincent Sage Dragonheart Foundation.

A Wallingford, Connecticut-based nonprofit, the Michael Vincent Sage Dragonheart Foundation is dedicated to increasing the availability and awareness of automatic externa defibrillators (AEDs) in public. The organization’s mission is in honor of its namesake, Michael Vincent Sage, who passed away tragically of sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 29.

With a new AED on hand courtesy of the Dragonheart Foundation, the Society Room of Hartford will be better equipped than ever to respond to sudden cardiac emergencies.

The Importance of AEDs

According to, sudden cardiac arrest is responsible for about 350,000 deaths in the United States every year. As much as 95 percent of these deaths could be avoided with speedier intervention on the part of bystanders.

AEDs are designed to deliver electric shocks to keep the heart of a cardiac arrest victim working until first responders can arrive. Modern AED devices include easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions so that even people who have not received training can use them to save a life.

It’s estimated that every minute that passes without CPR or treatment with an AED decreases a cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival by 7 to 10 percent. Prompt use of an AED can more than double a person’s likelihood of survival.

Thanks to organizations like the MVS Dragonheart Foundation and public venues like the Society Room, it’s now possible to save more lives than ever.

More Information about the Society Room of Hartford

A leading wedding venue and banquet hall located in the heart of historic downtown Hartford, Connecticut, the Society Room of Hartford offers an elegant and unforgettable backdrop for any special occasion.

In addition to a sweeping staircase and 3,000 square foot indoor balcony, the Society Room boasts a staff dedicated to the highest caliber of professionalism and service.

Along with The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station and Riverhouse Catering, the Society Room of Hartford is a member of the Riverhouse Hospitality group.

More Information about the Michael Vincent Sage Dragonheart Foundation

The MVS Dragonheart Foundation’s mission is to fill the immense gap in public education about the potential for CPR and AEDs to provide lifesaving intervention.

According to their website, the organization “empowers bystanders with increased access to AEDs in key public locations, including schools and athletic facilities and a stronger understanding of the ease and safe use of AEDs, when available.”

Click here to apply for an AED unit from the MVS Dragonheart Foundation. Click here to donate.

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