Rehearsal Dinner Food, Venue & Attire Advice

Wedding planning is one of the most enjoyable experiences to occur throughout your journey from YES!” to “I DO!”. Sure, there will be bumps in the road (hopefully not many) and some long hard thinking and choices to make – but designing plans that match your tastes and desires and that ultimately culminate in a dreamy and memorable experience is really what it’s all about.

Most couples share this experience with their closest friends and family by inviting them to be a part of the wedding party. Whether they’re carrying the flowers or the ring down the aisle or standing by their best bud’s side while he says I do, each person plays an important role in making the day as special as it should be for the couple.

Just before the big day, the all-important rehearsal takes place. This is when the wedding day’s events are reviewed and practiced. This is also a memorable point in the journey and one to think about while you’re planning. It’s an intimate and joyful time before everything kicks off so it’s understandable that most couples want to make this day just as great for their closest loved ones, Here are some tips for your rehearsal dinner food, venue, and attire.

Keep it Simple

You’re already probably going over the top for your big day (as you should) so make your rehearsal dinner a fun, simple, and relaxing time to unwind and spend with your besties before the actual wedding event

Dress Up Not Required

Formal dress code and fancy sit-down dinners are great but you could also just casually bond by eating some great food and having some drinks while you’re relaxed and comfortable and not have to be in a stuffy dress or suit for this day. 

Choose a Great Location

A great option for the rehearsal dinner is right where you’re already rehearsing and will be having your reception. The best wedding venues often have separate more intimate rooms for rehearsal dinners, so you save the big ballroom for the grand event! Be sure to book in advance whichever option you choose so you won’t be stuck waiting to eat when everyone is starving after the rehearsal. 

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