Planning a Hiccup-free Wedding Day Timeline

So you’ve made it far into the wedding planning process. You feel pretty proud and relieved that you’ve managed to “Say Yes to the Dress,” organize the bridal party gifts and even have your song line-up picked out for the DJ..but you can’t help but still feeling a little apprehensive? What if everything you’ve thought of isn’t enough? What if there’s one minor detail you missed that could stop your wedding from happening altogether? While this is likely impossible and just normal pre-wedding jitters, it doesn’t hurt to make your day fool-proof by drafting up a plan. This will reassure you and the vendors you’re working with that everything you want to happen, does.

Here are some key things to consider as you plan your wedding day timeline to ensure there’s enough time for pictures, cake and celebrating with the guests.

Understand Timing

Perhaps the most important part of your big day planning is to understand the time everything is going to take so that it’s not rushed but flows smoothly from one stage into the next. Talk with the vendors and venue location to see about how much time they’ll need in between serving the hot meals, doing speeches and special dances and be especially sure to check that the hair and make-up will be done in time for the photographer to have you for all the shots.

Confirm with Vendors Prior

Be forewarned, no matter how much preparing you do, the last few days leading up to your wedding get really hectic. Do yourself a favor and confirm everything is set with vendors before this last minute dash sets in. Be sure the photographer is there early enough and is ready to have all the photo ops done before the ceremony has to begin. Be sure the DJ has the playlist and that the service officiant has the directions and right time locked in.

In addition to vendors, you’ll want to be sure to get final headcounts in and try on your entire outfit. Yes. The dress, shoes, jewelry – do it all and do it carefully. Make sure you can get it on, zipped up and that you like the way everything looks. You’ll save yourself from any unnecessary scrambling on the big day.

Build in Extra Time for a Grand Exit

One thing many couples have admitted they wish they would have done is a grand exit. Much like the entrance that starts off the event, many couples want to do a proper send off to not only start on their new path but also to allow guests to participate in the end to their big day. Popular options today include firework sparklers send-offs, sky lanterns released into the night’s sky or traditional rice throwing.

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