Picking Your Wedding Day

Wedding logistics may have changed drastically over the last couple of years due to Covid-19, but the truth is they still play a very important role in the lives of two people vowing to commit to each other in marriage.

Weddings are still the most important day of your life, they’re still a day you want to celebrate with all of your loved ones and create memories you can cherish forever. If you’re one of the many to get engaged in 2021/2022 and have started to plan your wedding, here are a few tips from the professionals on picking your wedding day.

Your wedding day is an important detail. For many it’s a special day in the calendar, it’s chosen during the perfect season, or it’s a day that you know will be a great option for all who you’re planning to invite.

Whatever the reason you have for picking the day you want to get married on, you’ll want to do it soon as dates to premium venues book up quickly.

As you narrow down the days to get married, keep some of these in mind.

Getting Married on a Long Holiday Weekend

Some couples like to take advantage of the fact that most people will already be off from work to get married during a long holiday weekend. There are pros and cons to consider. First, the positive thing is that if you have lots of guests who will be traveling, they’ll have an extra day to get to and from your celebration. You can also choose a day of the week you may not have considered before when you have that extra holiday buffer. On the downside, some people may have already booked vacations or other plans for those holidays. Choosing a less celebrated long weekend may work out as opposed to planning a wedding over the 4th of July for example when most families book summer trips.

Popular Wedding Dates for 2022

While summer weddings were the most popular choice for the longest time, it seems couples are changing things up now and preferring to get married in the fall season instead. Now, the most popular month to get married is actually October, and Saturdays in this month are naturally in high demand. If you’re looking to get married at this time, don’t wait too long to book your date.

One of the other traditionally popular wedding days is Valentine’s Day. It’s the lover’s holiday and it’s a time when that actual calendar day or the weekend of that holiday is likely to book up quickly.

Luck in Numbers?

Some couples like to play off special dates, or easy-to-remember number combinations when they are picking what day they’ll get married on. Not only will it make it easy on guests but it also makes for great hashtags and aesthetics. If this is something you think you’d like to do for your wedding day, a combination such as Tuesday, February 22, 2022 (2-22-22) will book up quickly. Other dates like Chinses zodiac dates for luck or numerology can get more unique. Whatever you choose, it’s your day and you deserve to have everything you ever wished for and more!

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