Picking the Perfect Wedding Location: 5 Tips to Keep You Sane

Wedding celebrations are arguably one of the most joyous events to take part in. The loving atmosphere, the commitment being made, and the coming together of two families – it’s truly the closest fairytales get to real life. And while weddings are certainly mesmerizing, the work involved in pulling together all the details to make that special day happen, can get exhausting.

Picking out the perfect dress, your bridal party, the flower arrangement, and the music – the list goes on. Of all these factors though, one major decision will dictate how all the rest happen on your big day. That is the wedding venue.  Pick the right location for your wedding and everything else will start falling nicely into place.

So, before you dive into making plans for your wedding day, take some time to consider these factors. Trust us, you’ll keep your sanity and enjoy the process far much more.

1.      Headcount

Having an honest discussion with your partner about who’d you’d like present as you celebrate your vows is very important as a first step in planning a wedding. Not only will it be a chance to talk openly about any issues, it will also give you an idea of how many people total will be in attendance and what size space you’re going to need for the reception. While exact headcounts aren’t necessary at this point, the difference between an intimate 75-attendee wedding and a 300-plus lavish affair are great enough to require diverse wedding venue options.

2.      Budget

As you’re in talks about the “who” and “how many” list, you’ll need to also consider cost. Wedding receptions come in various options – from buffet styles, to stations and formal sit down dinners – the costs can range greatly. This will be something you can work out in detail with a venue, but understanding more or less what you’d like to spend on your wedding event can help to narrow down your options.

3.      Location

Once you’re ready to start looking for venue options that fit your budget and size requirements, you’ll need to think about the location. Find somewhere that will bring the feeling and vibe you want for your big day. Consider whether or not you’d like your wedding reception to be held outdoors, in a grand ballroom or in some other unique venue like a vineyard or museum. These factors will play an important role in where you choose to have your wedding.

4.      Style

The “style” of your wedding ties in directly with the location. If you’re hoping for a romantic, rustic wedding, or one with farmhouse charm, you may be looking at different settings and scenery to set that particular mood. Keep in mind these themes typical play throughout, so color schemes, décor, linen choices and even food options may play off of your particular style idea.

5.      Food

Food isn’t something most couples are thinking about as they plan their big day. But a wedding reception with food that lacks delicacy can change the entire feel of a wedding. Once you’ve narrowed down some wedding venue options that meet your needs, be sure to also take a closer look at menu options and don’t be afraid to ask questions, head out to taste the food yourself and get a better feel for if the meal on your wedding night will be outstanding for your guests.

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