More Couples Leaning on Tech for Wedding Planning During COVID-19

To say that COVID-19 has changed the reality we had all become used to for the near future would be an understatement. We’re now staying home much more than ever before, some of us are working remotely from home computers and the uncertainty as we battle the pandemic as a nation continues. However, in the midst of it all, it’s also allowed people to lean on technology and get creative to keep moving forward. The Internet has always been a place to connect and research but with coronavirus, it’s quickly become so much more.

For all the brides and couples who are planning a wedding, had to postpone their event or have gotten engaged during this temporary new way of living, the wedding planning process has changed a bit but is still just as important and effective as ever before. Here are some of the ways today’s couples are leaning on technology to make sure their big day is still a big success.

Get Engaged on Live Video

The very start of a wedding journey begins the day one member of the couple asks for the other’s hand in marriage. For many, this alone is a giant celebration to be had and most brides are happy to share their excitement and beautiful ring with the world. Even with a pandemic looming, it can’t stop those amazing feelings to be shared with the world. Newly engaged couples are broadcasting their engagements online in video conferencing sessions with family, photo uploads on social media and not letting the orders to stay distant from the public stop them from enjoying every second of their love story. Most everyone today has a mobile device and is scrolling anyways, don’t hesitate for a second in spreading your cheer for your friends and family to see.

Bridal Shower Live Streams

Virtual bridal showers aren’t a totally new concept. They’ve been around for a while and usually consisted of a social media event gathering where distant friends and family could purchase gifts from the registry and still show their support and love to the bride to be. Today though, in the age of social distancing and with modern technologies they’ve become much more interactive, fun and immersive.

Live streaming the event for participants to connect in from all over the world via a video conferencing service like Skype, Zoom or FaceTime can be really fun and a great way to celebrate with more people than ever before.

If you’re planning a very small gathering to follow CDC guidelines, you can even get fun with props and pick just a few closest to you and broadcast live at a set time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram live.

Virtual Venue Tours

The Society Room of Hartford is a glamorous, one-of-a-kind location for your Connecticut Wedding. As you’re making early plans for your future date, it’s worth considering this exquisite venue. Step back in time to the era of the Great Gatsby and have your wedding with the iconic Hartford city as your backdrop.  Contact us today to for a video chat, virtual tour or to talk more about your future wedding plans!

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