Modern Extravagance: A Great Gatsby Wedding in CT

The roaring 20s were a time of excessiveness and glamour. The Great Gatsby is a perfect depiction of the era that has transcended time. Even if you’re not familiar with the unique style that emerged from this popular literary work, it’s hard to miss the jaw-dropping, luxurious details found in the wardrobes, décor and even in the building construction from the time period.

It’s when enormous art deco brought drama to a room and when exclusive parties were held at lavish mansions.

If you’ve been searching for a wedding theme that’s nothing short of swanky and jaw-dropping then a Great Gatsby wedding is the perfect backdrop from which to plan your big day.

Here’s how you can incorporate some of the over-the-top glam with your own modern twist for your wedding.

Think Big & Bold

If you want to do glamour right you need to think big and bold with every detail. Ornate and dazzled walls and ceilings, intricate carved oak and centerpieces that are eye-catching should be planned.

Consider having guests dress the part too. Encourage them to come in flapper style dress and with intricate feather headpieces to make the experience unique.

This era has become symbolic of abundance and prestigious exclusivity. Welcome your guests to a black-tie event where they are treated like the elite and feel honored to be part of your big day.

Certainly, decorations and attire can create the perfect ambiance. Feathers, pearls, and gold-galore should be considered. But to truly transport guests back in time you cannot forget to choose the perfect location to set the scene.

Location is Everything

What better place for an extravagant Great Gatsby wedding in the city to take place than a historic bank turned event facility?

The Society Room of Hartford is a truly classic and elegant setting for a wedding.

The location’s large ornate bank vault and two massive hand-carved oak doors are still in use today.

It’s got all the bones required to pull off a lavish affair with authenticity and once guests walk through the towering oak doors, they will feel as if they’ve stepped through a time machine to celebrate your big day.

Make a jaw-dropping entrance down the cascading staircase high above the grand ballroom as guests look up in awe.

Put a modern spin on all the elegance with food and service that’s truly unique and modern. The Society Room of Hartford accommodates special requests and tailors your wedding so that the timeless elegance of the Great Gatsby era is infused with the culinary delights and excellence of today.

Have your wedding in the heart of one of New England’s oldest and most iconic cities.

Contact The Society Room of Hartford today!

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