Flowers Take Center Stage at 2021 Weddings

Weddings are anything but traditional these days. Still, bringing some comforting traditions to new weddings is something many couples are relying on as they plan their big day. One trend that’s making a big wave for 2021 are flowers. 

Most traditional weddings have for decades incorporated flowers somewhere throughout the big day. From bridal bouquets to centerpieces and even the petals thrown by flower girls, florists are a key vendor for many who are getting married. 

In 2021, the guest list may look a little different, you might be at a new location that you originally envisioned but flowers will still play an important role. And even more so as these top trends are already being incorporated in plans. Check them out for yourself and get ready to wow with floral at your event! 

Neutral, Rose Color Tones with Some Pop

As far as color palettes with flowers we’re seeing a muted but beautiful array of bouquets using many linen and sand tones as well as dusty rose and even some pops of bright purples and pinks for those looking to have some fun with color. Think pretty, botanical vibes with a hint of Boho & tropical.

Statement Walls & Centerpieces

Another area where flowers are making a huge impression are on the tables and as a backdrop. Floral walls have been trending for some time but incorporating lavishly designed fresh floral backdrops as the couple say their vows really kicks up the wow factor. Flowers on tables are large and tall to really make the blooms the focal point. Another wedding design concept for incorporating more flowers into the day is placing lots of vases and different styles of pots filled with an array of wildflowers to really bring the beauty of outdoors to the moment.

A New Take on Fresh Flowers

While faux flowers aren’t on the list of desired arrangements for weddings in 2021, there is a new inventive approach being taken with flowers by using them in new ways. Instead of a freshly cut stem, we’ll also see some beautiful dried bouquets that have preserved beauty and we’ll even start to see flowers used in things like the cuisine. It’s your big day – no matter the circumstances – so get creative, have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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