Considering the Guest Experience While Wedding Planning

We’ve mentioned time and time again in our blogs that the main focus for any wedding – from planning to the day’s events – should circle solely around the dreams and desires of the couple being wed.

While it’s certainly true that final details and decisions should be in line with the couple’s desires, there are other people (hundreds of guests at some weddings) who will also be in attendance for the day that you’ll want to at least consider as you plan.

Factors including the types of food they eat, the music they might like to hear, or accommodations for their travels to celebrate with you, should be somewhere on the list as you make your final decisions.

We’re certainly not saying to start changing up all your plans because one person has asked to sit at a different table or would prefer a night indoors versus the outdoor wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Those important details are still yours to own. But we do have some tips on how you can factor in the guest experience as you plan your wedding day to ensure it’s wonderful and memorable for all.

Where to Start

First things first. If you want to cater to the guests you need to think about who they are and what elements are going to be favorable for them. Consider reviewing your list and breaking it down into a few categories you’d like to accommodate. Perhaps travel, food and entertainment. Break this down further into columns and make notes on what would work well based on where guests will be traveling from, any traditional cultural dishes you might want to serve and perhaps even the music or other entertainment ideas that would leave a great impression with your guests.

Adding the Details to Your Day

Once you’ve made a list of ideas it’s time to start working them into the day you’ve already planned with your partner.

Studies show that guests typically care a lot about the food they eat at weddings. It’s a long day and they want to be able to enjoy the food. Be sure to incorporate appetizers to hold them over and that you’re working with a venue whose menu and food selection exceeds expectations.

The same goes for music. Your guests have invested in your day and want to dance and have fun. Choose a vendor that’s going to help you deliver on that.

Have a lot of traveling guests? Plan in advance for their accommodations. Scout out hotels close to the area and make planning the trip a part of your wedding that’s stress-free for them too.

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