City vs. Country Weddings: Pros and Cons

guests having a wedding toast at a wedding venue in CT

Choosing the venue will be one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when planning your wedding. It will also be one of the most important. The location that you select will influence virtually every other aspect of your wedding, including the number of guests you invite, the theme, and the colors you choose for the decorations, bridesmaids’ dresses, and cake. 

Before you decide on a specific location, think more broadly. Consider the pros and cons of city and country weddings and figure out which type of locale would work better for you.

City Weddings

If you get married in a city, it’s likely that most of the people you invite will attend the wedding. Cities are easy to get to by car or by plane, and they tend to have several hotels within a small radius. That means your family and friends shouldn’t have trouble making travel plans and finding accommodations.

Large cities have a wide range of places that can host weddings. You can go with a traditional banquet hall or select a venue that showcases the area’s unique style or history. You might prefer to get married at a place that’s not typically associated with weddings, but that holds special significance for you, such as the place where you went on your first date.

Wedding venues in major cities are popular, and they can get booked well in advance. They can also be expensive. You’ll have to figure out how many relatives and friends you want to invite to your wedding, find a venue that’s the right size, and get quotes to figure out if getting married in a city fits your budget.

Country Weddings

If you have your wedding ceremony and reception in the country, you’ll be able to take advantage of stunning scenery that’s generally not available in an urban location. Trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans can all be stunning backdrops for wedding photos. 

Hosting your wedding in a country setting might make it difficult for some guests to attend. People might have to travel long distances, take time off from work, and overcome other hurdles. That means you might not get the large turnout that you’re hoping for. 

Many types of country venues can be used for weddings, and costs can also vary widely. You might want to keep things simple and rent a barn, or you might prefer to go all out and host a formal wedding at an elegant country estate. 

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