Bridesmaid Gift Ideas 2021

So it’s finally happening! The wedding you had to postpone or wait to plan is kicking off and things are getting real. We know this is the excitement and experience so many couples are going through now, and we want to be sure you have all of the insights and tips you need to make the journey a smooth and enjoyable one.

Today, we’re talking bridesmaid gifts. For most couples, choosing their closest friends and family members to accompany them down the aisle and share the stage with them as they exchange their vows is an incredibly important element of the big day.

If you’re trying to think of unique, special, and amazing ways to thank your girls for sticking with you this whole time but not sure what’s nice vs. tacky to give them as a sentiment, we have a few ideas for bridesmaid gifts 2021 worth checking out!


Whether you want to stick with a traditional gift idea or choose something super trendy and fun, jewelry is a great option. Today’s jewelry options make choosing something that’s perfect for everyone a breeze. From dainty chains with initials pendants or earrings they can all use on the big day or even matching anklets, you can never go wrong with a pretty trinket to add to their jewelry armoire.

Go Practical

If you’d rather provide your girls with an item they can enjoy for themselves, then think practical. Things like monogrammed weekender bags or a great pair of satin PJs and robe that feels great when they’re going to bed at night. You could also opt for a high-end face serum or cream to treat them with something that says thank you for a long time.

Gift Certificate

Contrary to what many think, you can still show your friends how happy you are that they are taking part in your event by showering them with a gift of appreciation in the form of a gift card. It’s not impersonal or rude. In fact, they can use it to enjoy a massage, facial, coffee, or something else that they really enjoy.

Remember it’s not always about doing what others have done or sticking to any kind of rules when it comes to your wedding – and especially for your closest friends – you know them best and you know the things they love.

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