Modern brides in Hartford CT

Ideas for a Modern Glam Wedding in CT

If there’s one thing that never goes out of style for weddings it’s luxury and glam. Everyone wants this special day to be one of the most memorable experiences and pairing glam with modern styles creates an ultra-beautiful experience.    Connecticut is the perfect location with its historic roots, scenic landscapes

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Hartford wedding

Ideas for a Great Gatsby Wedding in Hartford

The Great Gatsby, one of the most iconic American novels of all time takes place during the Roaring Twenties, and its themes of excess, money, and status have created a uniqueness that has been loved by popular culture ever since its publication. A Great Gatsby-themed wedding is one of those

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Newlyweds clinking glasses outside

Roles & Duties: Gender-Neutral Wedding Parties

Weddings have changed dynamically over the decades – and that’s not a bad thing. Today we’re moving away from some traditions, we’re welcoming new ways to love and gather, and we’re also expanding how & who we celebrate with. As these new trends and customs arise, there’s also been a

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Bride and Groom in front of The Society Room of Hartford

Important Wedding Photo Ideas to Consider

Your wedding photos and video are one of the most important elements from your big day that you will have as a reminder years from now. Because they’re such a major part of capturing the day for a lifetime, couples sometimes dedicate a large part of their budget to services

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wedding florals 2022

2022 Floral Trends for Weddings

The 2022 wedding season has already kicked off into high gear. With couples choosing to wed on weekdays and during any season – the industry is already changing as new trends emerge. Moving into the busy spring and summer wedding season here in Connecticut, we’re also seeing beautiful new floral

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package with thank you note and key

Are Wedding Favors Still a Thing in 2022?

As you make your way through the wedding planning journey and leading up to your big day, questions are sure to arise about what’s trending, what people are doing and no longer doing when it comes to weddings. One thing we may not think about until we get closer to

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bride and groom having a winter wedding

Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Getting married in the winter can give you and your guests an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the season. Hosting a unique wedding venue in the winter requires a lot of planning and flexibility. Here are some tips to make your celebration a success. Choose a Date

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bride and groom dancing in front of venue

Picking Your Wedding Day

Wedding logistics may have changed drastically over the last couple of years due to Covid-19, but the truth is they still play a very important role in the lives of two people vowing to commit to each other in marriage. Weddings are still the most important day of your life,

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man holding engagement ring behind his back as a woman looks on

Thanksgiving Weekend Engagement Ideas

There’s something about the crisp fall air in New England that just makes it such a romantic time. It’s also an opportune time to ask your partner to marry you. Engagements spike from the Thanksgiving season all the way through Valentine’s Day and there are so many reasons why this

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