bride, groom, and guests entering a wedding venue in Connecticut

3 Timing Tips to Make it Through the Big Day

Being stuck in one time-crunch after another and missing out on a part of your wedding celebration that you had hoped to enjoy is probably one of the most frustrating things for a couple to endure. Putting so much time and effort into your special day – especially after a

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group of friends enjoying wine at a formal dinner

Rehearsal Dinner Food, Venue & Attire Advice

Wedding planning is one of the most enjoyable experiences to occur throughout your journey from YES!” to “I DO!”. Sure, there will be bumps in the road (hopefully not many) and some long hard thinking and choices to make – but designing plans that match your tastes and desires and

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bridal party holding bouquets taking pictures

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas 2021

So it’s finally happening! The wedding you had to postpone or wait to plan is kicking off and things are getting real. We know this is the excitement and experience so many couples are going through now, and we want to be sure you have all of the insights and

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bride and groom kissing at end of table after wedding toast

3 Things That Irk Wedding Guests

Your big day is finally approaching! After all the planning, waiting, and dreaming about it, you’re finally going to get married and have the celebration you always wanted. Sharing your vows with one another in the company of your friends and family has taken on an entirely new and special

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bride and groom kissing in front of dancefloor at the Society Room of Hartford

8 of the Most Epic Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding photography and videography are some of the things that top the list of important elements for your big day. After all of the time, planning and creativity you invested in your most special day, you’ll want to have someone who can capture the events perfectly so that you can

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bride, groom, and friends enjoying a stroll together

3 Wedding Traditions That Are Ok to Skip

What does “wedding tradition” mean to you? Does it mean that grooms should not lay eyes on their brides until they are both at the altar? Does it mean that there always has to be 1 best man and 1 bridesmaid? Or does it mean that the bride’s family must

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colorful bouquet of white and pink roses

Flowers Take Center Stage at 2021 Weddings

Weddings are anything but traditional these days. Still, bringing some comforting traditions to new weddings is something many couples are relying on as they plan their big day. One trend that’s making a big wave for 2021 are flowers.  Most traditional weddings have for decades incorporated flowers somewhere throughout the

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Thanksgiving dinner spread on the table

4 Reasons to Propose on Thanksgiving

Have you been thinking about proposing to your significant other, but are still trying to figure out when the best time is to do it? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! That’s right–we vote for Thanksgiving Day! If you were thinking of picking Christmas, then think again! Everyone picks

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man hovering over woman's shoulder while browsing online

Virtual Wedding Planning: Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning for your wedding is supposed to be fun right? After all, most people have been thinking about this magical day since they were little. The last thing you expected was to finally get popped the question and then a global pandemic hits. While COVID-19 shutdowns and social distancing mandates

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