Beauty Tips for Flawless Makeup at an Outdoor Wedding

Summertime weddings are such a popular and beautiful time to tie the knot. From the great weather to longer weekends and higher attendance rates – there’s a reason why it’s called the most popular time to get married.  One thing about the summer though, is the days can sometimes get hot.

If you’re attending an outdoor wedding this year (and many are now being held outdoors) you may be wondering what to wear and how to do your hair and makeup so you still look great and polished for the occasion while remaining cool and comfortable.

Here are some tips for getting a long-lasting and flawless makeup look for outdoor summer weddings.

Use Sunscreen

Since you’ll be outdoors for the event, it’s important to start your makeup routine with an application of SPF to protect your skin. The same is true for the rest of your body. With extreme UVA &UVB indexes, even someone who doesn’t burn easily can end up getting pretty red after so many hours exposed to heat and sun. Look for a high-quality SPF when it comes to your face. You want something that’s water-resistant and that contains minerals instead of chemicals in the ingredient list.

Primer & Setting Spray

Another important step before you start layering on makeup and when you’re done is to use a primer and setting spray. These both act as barriers and a shield for your makeup application. Allowing it to go on smooth and stay in place. There are many formulas on the market now that provide oil control and pore and shine minimizing features that work well for a day outdoors when you still want to look your best and avoid looking sweaty or overheated. Invest in a highly-rated, quality version of both as they’ll be doing the work to keep you looking great on this day.

Be Careful with Powders & Creams

It’s easy to think that covering up redness and sweat with a powder or adding a thick layer of foundation on the skin to look flawless all day outdoors will work, but it will in fact do the opposite. Not only do you risk looking cakey and your pores showing even more, but you’re actually better off using a light BB cream or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone without adding too much. After all, the best look outdoors is minimal, natural, and bare.

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