bride, groom, and friends enjoying a stroll together

3 Wedding Traditions That Are Ok to Skip

What does “wedding tradition” mean to you? Does it mean that grooms should not lay eyes on their brides until they are both at the altar? Does it mean that there always has to be 1 best man and 1 bridesmaid? Or does it mean that the bride’s family must

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colorful bouquet of white and pink roses

Flowers Take Center Stage at 2021 Weddings

Weddings are anything but traditional these days. Still, bringing some comforting traditions to new weddings is something many couples are relying on as they plan their big day. One trend that’s making a big wave for 2021 are flowers.  Most traditional weddings have for decades incorporated flowers somewhere throughout the

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Thanksgiving dinner spread on the table

4 Reasons to Propose on Thanksgiving

Have you been thinking about proposing to your significant other, but are still trying to figure out when the best time is to do it? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! That’s right–we vote for Thanksgiving Day! If you were thinking of picking Christmas, then think again! Everyone picks

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man hovering over woman's shoulder while browsing online

Virtual Wedding Planning: Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning for your wedding is supposed to be fun right? After all, most people have been thinking about this magical day since they were little. The last thing you expected was to finally get popped the question and then a global pandemic hits. While COVID-19 shutdowns and social distancing mandates

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table setting for a business meeting at an event venue in CT

Wedding Food Enhancements Worth Considering

Now that wedding events have changed a bit and more couples are tying the knot with smaller crowds and attendees than recent past events, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the amazing experience had on your big day. One area where couples are kicking things up to make their

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bride and groom enjoying their first dance at a wedding venue in Connecticut

How to Throw a Luxurious Micro-Wedding

With COVID-19 and all the restrictions placed on large gatherings, many brides have had to rethink the idea of a big wedding. While the headcount might need to be reduced, there are still plenty of ways to have the big day you always dreamed of. Micro weddings are the newest

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roaring twenties graphic of a man and woman

5 Swanky Ideas for a Roaring Twenties Wedding

The Roaring 20’s were an era in time when extravagance and bold, new styles emerged. During this time, affluence and over the top, glitz and glam came rushing in and left lasting impressions. It’s a time period many return to whenever they think about hosting a formal event that will

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