Are Wedding Favors Still a Thing in 2022?

As you make your way through the wedding planning journey and leading up to your big day, questions are sure to arise about what’s trending, what people are doing and no longer doing when it comes to weddings. One thing we may not think about until we get closer to wrapping up our planning is the parting gift or “favor” that has traditionally been given to guests as a thank you for attending. 

But are people still doing this in 2022? The answer may surprise you. Yes – some couples still make wedding favors a big part of their wedding day – and many others are forgoing it all together to enjoy the night making memories with guests instead. 

While some souvenirs (like little display figurines) may be outdated, there are still lots of good alternatives today for wedding favors if you want to leave your guests with something to remember the day with. 

Here are a few modern wedding event favor options worth considering. 

Think Practical

While putting figurines on display may no longer work – there are some practical gifts you can give as favors that guests can use every day. Things like candles or coasters are not only affordable and can be personalized, but these are items they will actually use in their homes. 

Focus on Purpose

Weddings have changed so much today over those traditional celebrations of yesterday. In addition to becoming an experience for guests, many couples are also focused on making an impact on their big day. If you and your spouse have decided to skip the favor and want to make a statement you can also choose a purpose instead of souvenirs. Things like giving back to a charity of your choice for example and letting guests know you’ve done this in lieu of favors can make for a really special sentiment. 

Food Favors 

You can never go wrong with food! Some couples are opting to make their dessert spread also part of their favors. Prepackaged goodies with a dated thank you note or a bottle of wine with a customized label is something everyone can enjoy after the day is over and remember everything they celebrated with you on that day. 

No matter what your decision is when it comes to wedding favors, remember that this is your day and however you choose to celebrate, and whatever you want to give your guests as a favor is just fine. 

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