8 of the Most Epic Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding photography and videography are some of the things that top the list of important elements for your big day. After all of the time, planning and creativity you invested in your most special day, you’ll want to have someone who can capture the events perfectly so that you can always remember them. 

After you’ve done your research and selected a photographer for your big day, it’s time to go over the photo plans for the day. Be sure to speak with the vendor about their vision and how they align with yours. 

Below we’ve provided some of the most epic wedding picture ideas worth thinking about for your wedding day. 

Candid “Getting Ready” Moments

Part of the fun and love that go into this big event in your life is the experience had together with the ones you love. Whether it’s a candid moment laughing while you get ready or some fun dance moves you share with a friend, these candid pictures are some of the most treasured memories. 

Capture the Accessories

You’ve likely spent a great deal of time picking out the perfect details to make your wedding day a dream come true. Small things like the hair accessories, jewelry, and shoes you wear aren’t always the main focus, but they’re important. Capture them in a photo!

The First Look

This is the big one! It’s a decision that should be made between a couple; whether or not they’d like photos of the first time they see each other or wait to shoot them after. Either way, they add a magical touch when included with your memories of the day. 

Traditional Shots

There are too many to list so we just lumped them all into this one category. You know them – the first kiss, the vows, the first dance – all of those traditional wedding shots that go in the memory book. Make sure they’re on your list!

The Guests

You’ll want some photos of your guests enjoying the festivities too. Don’t forget to have your photographer capture some images of the crowd as they watch you wed, dance, and have a great time on your big day.

Venue Photos

Reminiscing about the wedding is great when you can also capture the venue’s beauty in your memories. Photos of the interior and exterior and drone/aerial images make a great addition to your day’s stills and/or video.

Table + Food

Place setting. This includes the cake and any Venetian table or desserts you want to remember. The food is such a big part of the night. You’ll want to remember it, so be sure to capture some photos of the plates and food options. The small details are the ones that make the best additions to your photo books! 

bride in ocean

Trash the Dress 

We saved this one for last because it’s not for everyone. First popularized in the early 2000s this is something brides will do after the actual ceremony and involves a creative adventure in the dress. Juxtaposition it from a clean and pristine garment worn on your big day to a totally dramatized, unique, and artistic opportunity where you get the full mileage out of your garment. You’ll see many images of brides rolling in beach sand, jumping in a fountain, or wearing it into the ocean. Have fun and be creative! 

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