5 Swanky Ideas for a Roaring Twenties Wedding

The Roaring 20’s were an era in time when extravagance and bold, new styles emerged. During this time, affluence and over the top, glitz and glam came rushing in and left lasting impressions.

It’s a time period many return to whenever they think about hosting a formal event that will impress the masses.

If it’s been your dream to host a swanky, unforgettable, Roaring Twenties wedding, here are some amazing ideas to consider that will help make your big day truly come to life!

5 fun ideas to make your Roaring 20’s wedding celebration a memorable one.

1.    Wedding Party Attire for Roaring 20s

What’s a Roaring 20’s wedding without some feathers, pearls, rhinestones and flapper dresses? Not just items for the bride, but also your wedding party should be in dressed in headpieces, the groomsmen should be looking dapper in tweed with flat caps and while you’re at it, throw in some props to really make picture-perfect memories. You can even invite your guests to join in on the fun and ask them to come to your reception in era-specific garb. All of this will come together to really transport the event back in time!

2.      Rent an Era-Specific Car

To really make a grand entrance for your Roaring 20s wedding celebration, pull up to the venue in an era-specific vehicle like a Duesenberg Model J. As it drives you up to a red carpet laid out for royalty, your guests will admire in awe.  Not only will it make for an amazing entrance, but it will also bring your wedding photos to another level. For the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, consider renting a vintage Rolls-Royce Phantom for your wedding.

3. Capture Memories in Time with a Photo Booth

The night might feel like stepping back in time, but offer your guests a chance to make memories they’ll never forget by adding a photo booth to the event’s entertainment. Include props that drive the theme home and consider offering prints in black and white for authenticity. As your guests pose for the pictures, they won’t be able to help feeling like they’ve literally stepped into “The Great Gatsby” itself and they’ll be able to look back on the night with the captured images.

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4.      Set the Mood Right Mood for a Roaring 20s Wedding

The 1920s was an era with liveliness and splendor. When over the top, flashy and wild elegance shone through. To set the perfect mood at your wedding, choose the right jazz and blues music – even better – hire a live band to play era-specific tunes from Bing Crosby, Jimmie Rodgers, and Bessie Smith. You can also make use of draped silks and elegant details in all the décor and keep the spirits pouring. After all, this was the prohibition era! Bring out a big screen and have the Great Gatsby movie playing in the background on a screen. You might even consider using some vocabulary and slang commonly used during the ’20s throughout the night to really take anyone who walks through the door back to this luxurious time in history.

5.      Choose the Right Venue

You can’t have all of these amazing props, décor, and attire for the day without choosing the right venue to match it all. One that shouts elegance from its rooftops and that is designed with the elegance of the 20s at its foundation. A venue that delivers delectable cuisine, top notch service and that has all the glitz and glam that the era represented.

In Connecticut, that is The Society Room of Hartford. The former bank turned event venue embodies the art deco era perfectly and with immense perfection. Complete with a grand ballroom, cascading staircase, ornate ceilings, brass and limestone accents, and an original bank vault. There’s nowhere more perfect to host a Roaring 20s wedding than this location.

 Ready to book your Roaring 20s Wedding? Contact The Society Room of Hartford Now!

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