3 Timing Tips to Make it Through the Big Day

Being stuck in one time-crunch after another and missing out on a part of your wedding celebration that you had hoped to enjoy is probably one of the most frustrating things for a couple to endure. Putting so much time and effort into your special day – especially after a year like 2020 – and then not having enough time to get participate in one of the things you had planned for is not something anyone should have to experience.

Here are a few things you can do to stay on track and on time and fit everything in for your big day.

Book Vendors Early

While it’s important to shop around and take your time to find vendors that meet your expectations and needs, you should also keep your timeline in mind as you shop. The earlier you book all the vendors you need (caterer, photographer, DJ, etc.) the more time you’ll have to work on their to-do lists and plan the timing of their services just right for the day’s festivities. Be sure to meet with them closer to the actual day to ensure you have all the details and timelines matched and ready.

Leave in Wiggle Room

While it’s great to have your big day timed down to the minute to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, it makes more sense to leave a little wiggle room in your plans for any hiccups or unexpected time shifts throughout the day. A friend taking too long to say their toast or speech, or additional shots needed for the photographer may only mean a few minutes but added up they can cause a huge shift in the day’s schedule if you’ve packed things too tightly.

Don’t Forget to Plan the Ending

So much time and effort is put into the preparations for your wedding day – the perfect first song, a grand entrance, that it’s easy to forget the ending of the night. If you think about how you want to close out the event in advance you can plan the rest of your day around that hard cut-off time. You’ll also have the opportunity to have a sendoff that’s forever memorable.

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