3 Things That Irk Wedding Guests

Your big day is finally approaching! After all the planning, waiting, and dreaming about it, you’re finally going to get married and have the celebration you always wanted.

Sharing your vows with one another in the company of your friends and family has taken on an entirely new and special feeling now.

After everything you’ve pushed through to make this day so perfect, the last thing you want to do is leave your guests feeling unfulfilled or unsatisfied with the festivities.

But it happens. So we’re here to help make sure you don’t do any of the obvious faux-pas that so many past wedding guests have complained about on your big day.

Here is our list of the top 3 things that irk wedding guests and what you can do to navigate around them, so your day is nothing short of magical.

Too Many Speeches, Not Enough Dancing

One of the top things wedding guests complain about is speeches that are far too long or multiple interruptions throughout the night for additional speeches. While letting important people say a few sentiments about the couple is certainly traditional and accepted you’ll want to keep it to a reasonable amount to not annoy guests and take away from the fun they plan to have while celebrating you tying the knot on the dancefloor. Not enough time to dance at the event is also a top irritation of wedding guests.

Being ‘Hangry’ at Your Wedding

Incredible food is a key ingredient to a successful wedding. The food choices and cuisine are one of the elements that leave a lasting impression on your guests. When choosing a venue, it’s important to pick one with culinary expertise that will serve food of optimal quality. In addition to selecting a menu, you know your guests will enjoy, be sure that there’s enough food for everyone attending and that dinner is timed properly so guests aren’t waiting to eat and getting “hangry” almost an hour after the reception started.

Table Arrangements

This has been the golden rule for decades at weddings. Who sits where, with whom, and why. For whatever reason, it’s important to be thoughtful and strategic not just with mapping out your seating plan and helping your aunt and second cousin to both still feel great on your big day, but also using proper seating cards or even escorts to remove any confusion. Nothing is worse than arriving at the reception, wanting to get settled at your table so you can start the festivities, and not being sure where to sit. Avoid all these headaches by planning and preparing your seating arrangements in advance and your guests will thank you later.

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