3 Big Advantages of an On-site Wedding Ceremony

Each day, soon-to-be brides and grooms from across the globe and even those still daydreaming about their futures, are thinking about one thing: How amazing their wedding day is going to be when it’s finally here.

Maybe you’ve been planning out the details since you were very young. What your dress will look like. What song you will dance to. Even what the event backdrop would look like.

The location of your wedding is an important detail for the big day. Traditional weddings held at places of worship and then followed by celebrations at a reception hall or restaurant are transforming today into a totally new and different experience.

Modern couples of all types are taking control of the experiences that happen on their special day. They are stepping outside of the norm to make an over-the-top and memorable experience out of the whole day that all will remember.

When it comes time to select the location for your wedding, you might be stuck between figuring out where to have the ceremony and the reception or whether or not it’s a good idea to do both at the same location.

Here are the top three reasons why on-site ceremonies are great.

1.      Maximize How You Allocate Your Funds 

If you don’t have to rent double the location space and equipment or décor, this is a terrific option. Plus, you’ll have the extra money in your wedding planning budget to use on other enhancements for the big day.

2.      Bring Convenience for All

When you send your invites out for the wedding, the hope is that everyone will make it out to partake in the festivities. One of the best ways to ensure you get a ‘yes’ on the reply cards is to make it convenient. *Eliminating traveling between locations can drive up attendance rates.

3.      Enhance the Experience  

In addition to saving money and time, talk about stress reduction! One of the most pressing things happening during a wedding is the transition between the ceremony and reception. Rest at ease that everything’s being handled right there on-site. From the time you say “I do,” until you’re cutting the cake, your guests can be right there celebrating with you!

Choose Riverhouse Hospitality

Our venue locations offer magnificent options for on-site ceremonies that bring your visions for your big day to life. Our professional staff and renowned chefs ensure the cuisine is delectable, and a welcoming and accommodating staff is on hand throughout the whole night.

On-site ceremonies at The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station offer the option for a beautiful outdoor ceremony on a patio that’s simply breathtaking!

For winter weddings and those who want something more indoors, The Society Room of Hartford has a cascading staircase and mezzanine where guests can gather to witness your nuptials before taking part in a classy upscale reception they’ll never forget.

Riverhouse Catering will bring your dream wedding to your chosen location too. Getting married at a vineyard or museum? Want to have the whole day happen on a farm or surrounded by whimsical gardens? We help make sure your wedding day is everything you and your partner have ever dreamed it to be and more!


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