2022 Wedding Colors: Rich Greens, Deep Blues, Soft Buttery Yellows

Planning for a wedding is one of the most cherished stages in the journey to marriage. From choosing the perfect day to saying “YES” to a dress and then asking your friends to join in on the celebration. There is so much that goes into orchestrating your perfect big day. As you begin the process of planning your 2022 wedding, considering colors, themes, flowers, and bridal party attire likely at the top of your checklist. 

Here are some of the top Spring/Summer 2022 colors forecasted by WGSN worth thinking about incorporating into the different elements of your wedding day!

Orchid Flower 

Bright, fuchsia, deep pink, and purple hues that mimic spring’s most feminine flowers are a terrific way to portray this tropical, rich hue. Consider a splash of color in your bridesmaid’s attire, or add tropical orchids to your bouquet!


Soft pale yellows incorporated against sophisticated white and light beige backgrounds can make for incredibly delicate details that Wow! This color is a mix of creamy-white and smooth, soft yellow tones that are feminine and classic. Off-white lace details or a pretty cake frosting can add some trendy cheer to the wedding’s motif. 

Olive Oil 

The return of deep greens adds nature and a royal feel to weddings. The Olive Oil color is almost a deep lime green with subtle dark undertones and works great for both indoor and outdoor settings. Incorporate elements of nature using deep olive tones on tablespaces and in your wedding décor.  

Mango Sorbet 

Best described as a bright yellow-orange this color is bursting with hope, happiness, and warmth and a welcome pop of brightness as we focus more each day on creating meaningfulness. This is more than a great color for spring/summer 2022, it’s also inviting and memorable. Pretty flower choices, décor options, and even add a pop to the bridal party attire – all great options for this yummy trending color.

Atlantic Blue 

Few classic color options remain a top choice for brides across the decades as blue. In addition to this color being what some call a good luck charm for the day, it’s also a color that symbolized royalty, brings on a sense of tranquility, and the 2022 Atlantic blue shade embodies all that and more! Best described as indigo, it’s a deep, muted blue that could work well in so many versatile accents throughout your wedding ceremony or even the tux!

Whatever colors you choose for your big day – from trendy to traditional – The Society Room of Hartford will provide a unique, dramatic, and unforgettable backdrop for your special occasion. Our world-class service and delectable cuisine will transform any ordinary wedding into a grand gala!


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