10 Items Every Groom Needs For His Wedding

If you want your wedding day to go as smoothly as possible, then it’s best to be prepared. While you might feel confident that you have everything covered now, things can change quickly on the day-of. As the groom, we don’t expect you to carry these must-have items in a bag; rather, we strongly suggest that you make smart use of your best man and groomsmen. To avoid any unnecessary mishaps on your wedding day, it’s best that you bring these 10 items with you.

  1. Wedding Vows – even if you’ve memorized your vows, you should still bring a written copy with you. When your nerves kick in, these written vows will be a life-saver.
  2. Tide Pen – The last thing you need is a coffee or wine stain on your beautiful suit. Be prepared  to handle this possible accident by carrying a Tide pen with you.
  3. Ibuprofen – It’s going to be a very long (and hopefully fun) day. If you get a surprise headache or migraine, ibuprofen will surely come in handy.
  4. Extra Shirt, Tie & Socks – If the tide pen fails, it’s best to have an extra shirt, tie, and pair of socks on hand.
  5. Wallet & Cell Phone – While you should turn your phone off during the actual wedding ceremony, it should be fully charged and active beforehand in case you have to get in touch with someone.
  6. Cologne & Deodorant – Deodorant can be especially helpful if your wedding occurs on a hot summer day. In addition, it might be nice to spray a few squirts of cologne right before you meet your bride face-to-face.
  7. Breath Mints – Since you’re going to be hugging and kissing people all day, you should really make sure that your breath smells fresh. Remember: you want people to talk about how handsome and charming you were, not how bad your breath smelled.
  8. Groomsmen Gifts – If you decided to get gifts for your groomsmen, then it’s up to you not to forget them! Need ideas? How about matching watches or engraved flasks?
  9. Bottled Water – While you shouldn’t be nervous, know that it happens to everyone on their big day! That’s why it’s good to have bottled water in case your mouth dries up in anticipation.
  10. Lint Brush – No matter how well we care for our suits, it seems like there will always be some dust and annoying fuzzies to deal with.

There you have it! As we said earlier, you should have your best man and groomsmen carry most of these things. Not only does this free up your pockets, but it also gives each groomsman a specific function.

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